Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paco and Ocelot from "All American Heroes"

These two hot men get it on. Ocelot and Paco get down and dirty. Cum eating, sucking, fucking, they do it all. Enjoy these military hunks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video Clip of Hot Civilian from Military Classified

This is a clip from "Military Classified" featuring civilian, straightboy Joel. He gets his nice hard cock polished off and judging by his dangling low hanging balls, he's ready to shoot a nice load. Straight guys are always fun to watch.


Dorian, Shawn, and Austin from "Active Duty"

New Active Duty update with a hot threesome. The three guys are: Dorian with his damn near perfectly ripped body, the horny devil dog Austin, and the huge-dicked Shawn. They gather for a scorching three-way that ends with them dripping with each other's sweat. Three minutes in and the shorts and pants are already coming off. Dorian and Austin take turns on Shawn's big cock, giving it the attention it deserves during such a hard exercise. They take their turns at sucking and rimming each other and get their fair share of being sucked and rimmed. Finally, Shawn gets his hot ass fucked by both Dorian and Austin. Loads of cum from three hot military studs.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marine Daytona from "Active Duty"

Daytona is a hot Marine in uniform. There's something super sexy about Daytona. Maybe it's those gorgeous lips that an Iraqi soldier pointed out while he was deployed. Daytona just returned from Iraq and has tons of stories to tell about his time in the sandbox. He shares a few with us and that's when we learn that he was told by an Iraqi man that he had sexy lips. Daytona says he jerked off as many as eight times a day while he was deployed. He got the name Daytona because of the car he drives so other Marines started calling him that. He strips down to reveal a nice, smooth chest and a really hot cock. He's wearing those hot ass green PT shorts beneath his desert cammies. He leaves nothing on but his socks and boots. He's got a great devil dog ass with blonde hair on everything including what's under the belt. He jerks himself off and shoots a huge load. Daytona shoots like a cannon.